Registration Certificate

Taekwondo Federation of India, registered under the Societies Registration Act, Lucknow in 1982.
The Registration Certificate below is valid upto 15th Sept. 2014 A.D.

Warning Letter

On 27th Oct. 2004, the Registrar of the Societies registration acts, Lucknow wrote a warning letter to
Mr. Harish Kumar and his groups as per the following in-briefs:-
  1. Not to use the name of Taekwondo Federation of India.
  2. Cannot shift the TFI office to Bangalore.
  3. Not to collect fund, Fees from the Public etc.
  4. Not to collect Grand-in-Aid illegally from Government of India.
  5. Not to conduct activities of TFI.
  6. Not to seek affiliation under Indian Olympic Association & Government of India.

Following are the copy of the letter dated 27th Oct. 2004.


The Registrar on 26TH Aug. 2010 rejected the “List of Executive Committee” of the so-called-TFI, submitted by Mr. Harish Kumar claiming themselves elected. The Registrar also declared the above mentioned List of Executive Committee/Office Bearer is “UNREGISTERED”.

The same copy of the “List of Executive Committee” of fake TFI declared unregistered are as under:-


The Lucknow additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-VI on 30th Jan. 2013 issued a Non Bailable Warrant (NBW) against Harish Kumar, so-called President of TFI & others in a criminal case filed by Grandmaster Jimmy R. Jagtiani, Secretary General of TFI, Father & Founder of Taekwondo in India. Criminal proceeding are underway against Harish Kumar for inter alia having hijacked the Taekwondo Federation of India, TFI-Lucknow, illegally declared himself the President of Taekwondo Federation of India, manipulated a total captivation and captorization of the lawful activities of the Taekwondo Federation of India, Lucknow.

Harish Kumar is also an accused in a criminal for duping the public money and misrepresenting that his bogus TFI is a genuine one conceived, take the law in his hands, using the name and banner of TFI, Lucknow, deliberately and intentionally avoiding and evading the NBW served on him, attempt to change the Original Constitution of the TFI-Lucknow at the special General Body Meeting of the fake TFI on 29th June 2013 at the IOA’s Bhawan. The Non Bailable Warrant of arresting Harish Kumar has been served twice and it has been evaded accordingly, the Commissioner of Police and the Vasant Kunj’s Thana (police station) have not execute the NBW against Harish Kumar till date. Law is Law, how long he can evaded.